Multiple Hungarian and International grand prize-winning magician

I am Gabor Holcz magician, mentalist, and entertainer of thousands of successful magic shows. I have performed in many countries and cities around the world, from South Korea to Las Vegas. I won first prize and finished on the podium at many international magic competitions. I have presented my shows on the stages of the best-known hotels, theatres, and I was invited as a magician to lot of events which was organized by well-known companies and firms. I participated in the programs of the most popular television channels, over and above I played Harry Houdini in the play which was presented at the World Fair in Milan. As a consultant, I helped staging plays in various theatres. I integrate elegant spectacle with civilized humour in my shows. I also teach magic and I train the magicians of the future at my own-established academy. Many of my students have already been building their careers as professional magicians.
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As a three-time Hungarian magician champion, I competed on several continents, including the United States of America, as well as major European magic competitions, where I won Grand Prix prizes or finished on the podium.



Stand up

If you want your guests to have fun, laugh a lot, and at the same time see a spectacular, mysterious, mystical performance, order my stand-up magic show, which has been a great success at many different events for many years. This is a production that combines the stand-up comedy and the advantages of the magic as a genre and makes the event memorable what you organize. Its elements there are a lot of humour and simultaneously a spectacular illusion show, as several magic tricks are presented.

Close up

At those events where there is no possibility of a stage performance because there is not enough space, or there is not enough time for a separate program, but there is a need for special entertainment, micro-magic is the perfect choice for you, known as close-up in Anglo-Saxon, which is performed during the guests arriving or even during the entire event. It means casual magic, walking among the guests and magic shows are presented to smaller groups. The used tools are small (cards, coins, rubber hoops, string, etc.), and I communicate with the guests directly, and I deliver my magic tricks to everyone, seasoned with humour.


The host of the show can be one of the most important roles during an event because his personality is always in the spotlight, he conveys the most important information for the client and the guests, he can be a link between the performers and the audience, and throughout he needs to coordinate the events on the stage. If you need a special presenter, please ask an offer.


Since I have many different magic shows, please ask for a detailed offer for your event, so together we can set up the most suitable presentation for you. Please write me the most important details of your event in your e-mail: the place and time of the event, number of the guests and their composition (females, males, foreigners, Hungarians), outdoor or indoor. The detailed request helps me to recommend the best performance for your event. For further details please do not hesitate to contact me by phone.

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